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    TKMax, of all things..!


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    TKMax, of all things..!

    Post  EL6 on Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:11 am

    I got an excitable text off Mr Michael McTigue of the Haworth Home Guard. Apparently, TKMax do very good copie athe moment of British army denims!! I immediately went to ours in Blackpool but therre was bugger all lke that there. So I texted him back and he said they had loads of them in Leeds TKMax. Just though you should know...By the way, I went to the militaria fair at Newark just by chance last Sunday. I'd heard it was on and forgotten about it and rang a pal up Saturday night. He said he was going; could I come too? Yes. Quite a good dso, more stalls than Military Oddyssey in kent but not hundreds like Stoneleigh. Got "We remmmmemberrr the Home Guard" bok for 20quid; good photogrpahs in it, and somer other crap.I saw is it Ray (?) who looks just like Fraser when he's in his HG uniform; said to say hello and that he's still alive! he's been abroad about once with the MVT this year but that's about all, I think. What about Clive Dunn, eh? 92. Good age, RIP. Only Pike (Ian Lavender) left of the actual Walmington - on - sea HG now, I expect.

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    Re: TKMax, of all things..!

    Post  arnhemsteve on Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:02 am

    one of the extras who played private sponge is still with us, & also hodges the arp warden. thats it i believe?

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